About Daniel Cohen

I live in London. I emigrated from San Francisco in 2010, much to the confusion of Londoners. (You relocated…from California? Why?)

I am a Senior Sales Engineer at AppDynamics. Previously I worked in as a sales engineer at Privitar and DataStax, and before that I managed a technology team at JP Morgan. I have also consulted at many of the major banks. Back in the paradise that is California I ran a tiny software consultancy called Bluetail Studios. Long ago I lived in New York City, where I earned degrees from New York University and Stevens Institute of Technology.

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About the Title

“Mind the Emigrant Gap” fuses the famous Mind the Gap warning of the London Underground with Emigrant Gap, a curious feature of the California Trail travelled by pioneers in the 1800s. From the California State Landmark tablet along Interstate 80:

The spring of 1845 saw the first covered wagons to surmount the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They left this valley, ascended to the ridge and turned westward to old Emigrant Gap. The wagons were lowered by ropes to the floor of the Bear Valley. Hundreds followed before, during and after the Gold Rush. This was a hazardous portion of the overland Emigrant Trail.

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