Apr 232010
Otis Redding - The Dock of the Bay

Most of us do not have a proper seat here at the Lab’s home office. Sure, our back office staff have assigned desks with chairs and cubbyholes to call their own, and sure, we consultants spend the vast majority of our time on site with clients. However, consultants on the bench (i.e., not on site with a client) must jockey for position each morning. Seating arrangements change dynamically according to the day’s work and, above all, arrival time. Smaller commodities such as Magic Mouses and Apple power adapters tend to be in short supply and on occasion are accidentally swapped or, ahem, borrowed altogether.

As such, one day a few of us discussed how the Lab might build pluggable workstations for our wandering herd of benched consultants. In an ideal setup, a 49er may set down at any workstation with his laptop and expect to find power, ethernet, a keyboard and a widescreen monitor at their disposal. Unfortunately this involves a hot mess of cables, all of which may be subject to the aforementioned borrowing. We had thought of docking stations, but most consultants have MacBooks, and one cannot dock a MacBook.

Or so we assumed. By chance, the other day my brother came across Henge Docks. They claim to have “created the first truly comprehensive docking station solution for Apple’s line of notebook computers”. Quality and usability are unknown, but the potential is there for a wonderful product.

Henge Dock with monitor

Figure 1: MacBook in a Henge Dock

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